Integrated fundraising

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Fundraising usually arrives late. It arrives when the resources are critically low and, let’s be frank, it arrives with the idea that its purpose is to make cash very quickly. There is a problem, however: fundraising does not and will never work like this.

Fundraising has to be integrated structurally and transversally into the multi-year strategic plan and with all the sectors or departments, whether Accounts, Communications, Design or Outcome Evaluation.

Fundraising requires time and dedicated, expert resources since its real purpose is to create a community of people (donors, stakeholders, volunteers, etc.) who share our mission. A community that trusts, because we have shown convincingly and transparently who we are and what changes we are able to bring to society.

Integrated fundraising creates alliances with people who continuously espouse and support our work, who identify with the value of our commitment and rightly feel an active part of it.


  • Develop an in-depth analysis of the value, the weaknesses and related needs
  • Guide the board in defining a strategic plan for medium/long-term integrated fundraising, structured according to the priorities
  • Initiate internal events and processes that can optimise the contribution of all the sectors
  • Define targeted and customised fundraising actions
  • Put in place systems for monitoring and evaluating fundraising activities that can constantly improve and strengthen them
  • Provide constant reports and recommendations to the Board so that it can make timely and consistent decisions


  • Strategic Planning
  • Capacity building
  • Team building
  • Monitoring (in progress) and Evaluation (in progress and ex post)
  • Reporting

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