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The missions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), the ESG objectives, the relentless technological innovations, the ‘Great Transformation’ of work and the pandemic, with its social, psychological and organisational effects – both in companies and in the lives of individuals and families – call for a profound reassessment of the paradigms used to address people’s needs.

If we want to capitalise on the experience we have gained thus far and transform it into the premise for a robust re-start capable of meeting the challenges that await us, a change of course is needed. Also in the field of Company Welfare.

Company welfare is a strategic lever to strengthen social capital and the stores of ‘sense’ that are useful for changing our way of acting in the real world, provided that the actions of companies are truly inclusive, generators of value and promoters of social and cultural change. 

It is therefore necessary to support company welfare which is geared to brining social and local value, welfare that is increasingly more ‘integrated’, in which the resources and actors involved (public, social private and citizenship) can embark on a path that is capable of building cohesive ‘eco-systems’ that are able to generate positive, inclusive and long-lasting social impacts.


  • Foster integration processes between company and local welfare systems
  • Create strong synergies between private initiatives and public policies
  • Network interventions of the for-profit world and Third Sector entities
  • Customise as much as possible the responses to the new and traditional needs of workers and citizens in general
  • Create a tangible and measurable ‘supply-chain’ sharing value.
  • Build cohesiveeco-systems
  • Generate positive, inclusive and long-lasting social impacts.


  • Strategic analysis of the context in social-demographic terms.
  • Drafting of guidelines on company welfare interventions that identify the most appropriate mix of services to offer responses to the most widespread needs.
  • Drafting of company rules for the introduction and regulation of the Welfare Plan.
  • Recognition of the most appropriate solutions (technological or physical) for the provision of services dedicated to the beneficiaries of the Company Welfare Plan.
  • Introduction of the role of welfare manager to support the actions of analysis, implementation of actions and ex-post evaluations.
  • Co-design of the Company Welfare Plan according to the needs that emerged during the analysis stage, the drafting of guidelines and pre-identification of the services that can be provided.
  • Building a tailor-made service delivery plan through platform or off-platform project development with scouting of entities able to deliver these services.
  • Assistance during the implementation of the Company Welfare Plan for possible upgrades and regular measurement of the results and the satisfaction of beneficiaries.


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